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Interview about GameDev–Part II September 9, 2012

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Last time, I blogged a little bit about a Skype interview I got about a position to teach in the GameDev program of a university.

Well, two weeks ago, I went for the second step of that process. There were some little administrative hiccups, but well, that happens anywhere.

So, this time, I had to give a mockup lecture to show how I can deliver content. The lecture was open to anyone interested, but since there were the hiccups, not that many people came. There were the two other professors I talked with on Skype, and another one in charge of another Computer Security-related department. After the “lecture” itself we got an interesting exchange, which included agile development, eagerness to learn and so on.

The second part was a formal interview, again with the two aforementioned professors but also with the Director of the Human Resources of the university. I should admit that I was more tensed than during the informal interview and than during the lecture, but one may expect such a thing as a lot of things are at stake. The various interviewers presented themselves, one after the other, then I was asked various questions, most of them if I recall properly were about academic life.

One of the questions I was asked by the Director was this one:


One said that, as a teacher/educator/professor, we have to love any students. What do you think of such a quote?


I was also asked about the case in Macedonia (that I still have to write about). To every question, I think I answered with honesty.

Later, because of obligations, our host (because we were sitting in the HR office), had to leave us. I felt more comfortable, but I think that whole easiness thing was more due to the fact that I didn’t know before hand the Director of the Human Resources. Then we continued with other Q&A.

After this last interview, we went for a visit of the campus, and then to town for a short visit and for a dinner before I had the train to go back to the main city before the morning flight.

I think I will soon update my Teaching Philosophy because questions may highlight some points, though, in general I still want to do the most I can for the students… if they are willing to work. As professor/teacher/educator I don’t think we are here to make them pass just because they were here.

Anyhoo (™Rob Miles), let’s see what will happen, and please wish me luck!


Interview about GameDev July 17, 2012

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More or less a month ago, I got an interview for a position as an Assistant Professor in GameDev, something, if you know me, that I am more than willing to do (already back then in Malaysia, and it is possible that couple of my former students remember the Final Year Project subjects I gave them Smile ).

The interview was informal but nevertheless professional and despite it is a small structure, the people I met seem to share ideas, points of view and orientation with me, about teaching and research, especially in the field of GameDev, which is more than broad.

Of course, I would like, if that is possible, to do research on AI for Game and more specifically about NPC and the Artificial Stupidity. But the more I think about it, the more I think it could be possible to find various research areas related to Games and/or Serious Games.

I might develop this post more in the next couple of days. And if everything turns OK, I will have to go for a more formal meeting.

Let’s see what will happen.