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Tiny updates from Macedonia September 4, 2013

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It seems that things happen after a while, though, still not on the Justice side.

I wrote in July the following:

  • The expenses of our moving, as of the 29th of July 2013, have still NOT been paid, but “it’s on its way

Well, this is not anymore valid: thanks to the help of the accountant and the one of the new rector, Ninoslav Marina, the expenses of our moving have been paid in August. That is a kind of relief.

imageNow, the first batch of graduating students is out of the university “Saint Paul, the Apostle of Ohrid”. I would like to congratulate the ones, who deserve to be now holders of a Bachelor. Some of them are certainly looking actively for a job now, while few others decided to continue to a MSc abroad.

For the ones, who decided to get a job as a programmer, please do practice, practice and practice: you cannot pretend to a programmer (or software engineer) job if you are not at ease with at least one programming language!

Program whatever you want, use a good process, think about the full procedures, develop apps or software, but something that you can be proud of, and do as much as you can!



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