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Adventures in Macedonia–Status of July 2013 July 29, 2013

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Here we are for the current status of the case opposing the second rector of the UIS&T of Ohrid, one of his advisors at the time of the facts and me.

The case was brought to justice by my lawyer Vladimir Danailov by the end of October 2011, more or less one month and the half after my dismissal.

Blind Justice by Einar Einarsson Kvaran, CC, Colby County Courthouse, Memphis, USA, Sculptor J. Massy Rhind according to Wikimedia

Let’s say that the whole process seems to take time, one might expect that kind of case to be proceeded in couple of months, but now, after twenty months, it did not advance a bit.

What did happen?

  • The teaching assistants went seeking the journalist Miroslava Simonovska to reveal the case. The journalist reported the case, from the information given by the teaching assistants;
  • Someone (nor my British colleague or me) published online videos of the Skype meeting we got with the Macedonian ministers;
  • Meanwhile, the Macedonian minister for Education (Mr. Pance Kralev at that time), and the Macedonian minister for Information Society (Mr. Ivo Ivanovski) met the French and British embassies representatives. The Macedonian ministers said that they didn’t want a public exposure. But the first article (from the teaching assistants side) was being published;
  • The minister Ivo Ivanovski called me that everything was settled and that the British colleague and I would get a new contract if we wouldn’t do any trouble. As for the American colleague, this was another case. I told him that because of what happened, they could start the same thing;
  • I met with the French ambassador, who told me that they cannot interfere but they will watch the case and its development. In January 2013 a new French ambassador was nominated for the Skopje post;
  • In October 2011, Professor Peter Bock from George Washington University gave an interview to Miroslava Simonovska;
  • In late Fall 2011, I gave an interview to Miroslava Simonovka, after having postponed it since September 2011;
  • My British colleague gave up his academic career because he wants to live in Macedonia. If I am not wrong he never received any dismissal letter;
  • Our American colleague passed away;
  • It seems that the plagiarism cases (at least three of them) are “filed”, despite proofs. Some of the plagiarized academics tried to face the plagiarisers and it was often said “it is an error” or “the printed (or online) version is not the intended version”.
  • The expenses of our airplane tickets were paid during Summer 2012;
  • The rector, who dismissed me, is not anymore in function at the UIS&T since end of Summer 2012;
  • The expenses of our moving, as of the 29th of July 2013, have still NOT been paid, but “it’s on its way
  • A lot of things are still happening at the UIS&T (among them “hacking”, “illegal position”, etc.). But since I am not there any more the information are on the hearsay level.

On the Justice side:

  • The case of the teaching assistants was denied because of lack of consistency in early 2012;
  • Our case was declared “valid” by the Ohrid court during Summer 2012;
  • A first preliminary hearing was supposed to took place during Spring 2013. My lawyer went to Ohrid, unfortunately the hearing was postponed because the prosecutor was not there and the judge was ill. It was postponed to June 2013;
  • The June hearing was postponed in advance this time, to July 2013;
  • The July hearing was obliged to be postponed to September or October 2013. This time because of “improper delivery”: the rector, who dismissed me, was not able to be reached by the Police to get his invitation for the hearing. His advisor, who was also invited to the hearing, was not found at his address, so the invitation could not be delivered.

That’s all for now. Let’s hope it would be settled soon fairly and properly.


Here are the links to the four parts of the interview:



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