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Some little interludes February 7, 2012

Posted by etschneider in Blog Itself.
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Couple of weeks ago, I saved room between two of my posts (here), but after second thought and since the topic is quite sensitive, I will write about that topic in a normal timeline post, i.e. no need to go back to a previous topic.

On the other hand and on a lighter topic (much lighter in fact), in the next coming weeks I will make several posts about the experience I have with a Windows Phone 7.5 phone, the Nokia’s Lumia 800. Why several posts? Let’s say that I have the opportunity to try it for around 20 days, and at the end I am maybe able to win one. But I do not want to publish posts just for the sake of publishing, I would like also to try to present that phone as a day-to-day usage point of view, with bad things and hopefully good things too.



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